“THE MEADOWS” (2018)

The idea behind these Meadow paintings is about discovering a special space, a sort of holy grounds in a lush meadow, possibly a sacred burial ground. I wanted the space to be lit up in an unusual way to draw attention to it’s significance. I was thinking about a memory of walking through a forest and stumbling upon a clearing filled with light. It was very quiet; it sounded soft, it felt serene. Death was present but it was peaceful, beautiful. I was also inspired by Han’s Zimmer soundtrack to the movie “Interstellar”. 


“I am a loner. An observer. My outer world is simple. My inner world is bursting, overflowing, more than enough. These paintings flow out of me with no conscious thought. I am leaving them raw and unrefined because it feels right. I have general ideas of what they will be as I am doing them, which I can only describe as visual feelings. This is my inner world at this moment. There are infinite variations. These landscapes of colour and movement are the tiniest sliver of what happens when I close my eyes. I am Hikikomori.”

ALLEGORY (2017-2018)

“These paintings are metaphors about the human experience. They are also about my personal experiences, most meanings of which I keep private. They all have in common religious or spiritual overtones. I’m not sure why I’m drawn toward this given that I am mostly agnostic. There is something about the romance and hidden truth of religious art and allegories that has captured my fascination my entire life.”

THE GLOW BEYOND (2017-2018)

“This series of paintings explores the visual idea of mysterious glowing light on the horizon beyond a forest of trees. Emotionally, it is about hope in a time of darkness, and perhaps about the possibility of life after death. The compositions tend towards simplicity with a large part of the canvas taken over by a tight pattern of small brush strokes and shapes. The compositions, and to a lesser degree the patterns, are inspired by some of Gustav Klimt’s landscapes such as Fruit Trees (1901), Pear Tree (1903) and the Park (1910).”


“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind perceives a pattern where none exists. This series of paintings attempts to provoke people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces or other imagery. It is about questioning if what we see as real or imaginary. This idea arose from my experiences with what some people refer to as “remote viewing“. I am able to conjure up images in my mind that appear through a small circular portal into what seems like another part of the world. I have no control over what I’m seeing and most often the scenes are mundane. It’s as if I’m watching a CCTV camera pointing to some random location.”

Flowing Landscapes (2017)

“These paintings of natural landscapes are about emotions as expressed through the fluidity of shapes, lines and colours. They have in common a sense of movement; sometimes calm and other times tumultuous. They are inspired stylistically by the Group of Seven and Van Gogh.”

Mystical Forests (2017)

“This series of paintings explores the abstraction of forests. With vibrant colours and a variety of patterns, the style is a blend of impressionism, post-impressionism and abstract expressionism.”

Symbolic Trees (2017)

“Throughout history trees have been used as powerful allegorical symbols. In psychotherapy trees are used to represent the self and other significant people in one’s life. The intention with this series is to create iconic images of trees that have a personal meaning to the artist but also allows their symbolism be open to the interpretation of the viewer. The painting style mixes post-impressionism with abstract patterns of small repeating brush strokes.”

Stream Of Consciousness (2008)

“A series of whimsical drawings drawn spontaneously without forethought.”

The Lost Years (1995)

“Mixed media paintings, part of first my solo show in May 1995. This series is about a personal expression of confusion and anger about my life at that time. The subject matter was influenced by my physical surroundings and state of mind. I was living in an unlicensed “art studio” in a derelict warehouse. It was essentially a large concrete room. My neighbour, a heroin addict who had 2 very unfriendly rottweilers that barked constantly, religiously blasted “More human than human” by White Zombie every night at 3am through the seemly paper thin walls. He was the building superintendent. I was a 25 year old “artist” so naturally I loved living there.”

The Elements (1995)

“This is the other part of my first solo show in May 1995. They are large paintings of acrylic mixed with sand and torn canvas. They are about raw elements such as earth and water and reflected my desire to find something substantial, true and eternal. They are in direct conflict with the other work I was doing (“The lost years”) which were about confusion, fleeting emotions and inconsequential societal trends.”

Telluride (1995)

“Plein Air and other paintings while living in Telluride, Colorado. There were several more paintings done in this series but they were sold or given away without being documented.”

Nude Studies, Tokyo (1994)

“Drawings of a live nude model during a short visit to Tokyo.”

Dark Psyche (1993-1994)

“A series of mixed media primarily based on gouache and watercolours, each piece exploring a different dark emotion.”

Losing Her (1993-1994)

“Personal feelings about losing a great love, expressed through a decomposing series of portraits and other paintings.”

Descriptions of other collections coming soon…